Lookout / Mullan Pass Loop

Route Description

The Lookout/Mullan Pass Loop (LMP) is for experts that want some single track with a bombing downhill dirt road to the valley 1600 feet below. To reach the loop go over the freeway overpass out of the Lookout Pass Ski Resort parking lot toward the northeast. Turn right on the dirt road and then left, so that you parallel the freeway down below. At first you will be riding on a bench directly above the freeway then it dives off to the right and makes an quick uphill. The trail passes over several scree fields and has quick uphill turns and twisting downhills. At the end of the LMP, the single track merges with the dirt Mullan Pass road turn to your left and drops on into Mullan.

Difficulty: Expert
Starting Point: Lookout Pass Ski Resort
Directions: Take I-90 Exit 0, Lookout Pass Ski Resort parking lot.
Distance: 18 miles