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2011 Wallace Omnium Results

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The 2011 Silver Spokes Wallace Omnium
was held on Friday, July 15th and Saturday July 16th in and around historic downtown Wallace Idaho. The three part race was part of the larger valley-wide Silver Spokes Bicycle Jam.

USA Cycling, Inc.

The Omnium was held under a USA Cycling Permit under pleasant weather conditions, and was sponsored by Coeur d'Alene Velo Racers Cycling Club. Proceeds were to benefit The Friends of the Coeur d'Alene Trails.

The Omnium consisted of three events.

  • Time Trial: 2.5 mile out & back timed race along the river between Wallace and Silverton beginning at 7 PM Friday.
              RESULTS           PHOTOS    
  • Hill Climb: tough 5 mile climb from Wallace (2728') to Dobson Pass (4090') beginning at 10:45 Saturday morning.
              RESULTS           PHOTOS    
  • Criterium: flat, fast four corner course through downtown Wallace. Four classes were scheduled to race for varying amounts of time on Saturday afternoon.
    • Category A races for 60 minutes @ 6:15
    • Category B races for 45 minutes @ 5:20           this category not filled
    • Category C races for 35 minutes @ 4:35
    • Category D races for 25 minutes @ 4:00
              RESULTS           PHOTOS    
  • The overall OMNIUM WINNERS

Cash prizes were awarded to overall Omnium places and Medals were awarded to the top three in each event in each category. Only these races were permitted and sanctioned by USA Cycling; the other races and events at Silver Spokes were not sanctioned by USA Cycling.

Category Includes Prizes/places Entry fee
A Men 1, 2, 3
Women 1
$600 + 10% fees/10 $50 Omnium or $20 event
not filled
Men 3
Masters 40+
Women 2, 3
$250 + 10% fees/10 $45 Omnium or $20 event
C Men 4
Masters 50+
Women 3, 4
$150 + 10% fees/10 $45 Omnium or $20 event
D Mixed 5
first timers
5 medals for overall
Ominium and events
$45 Omnium or $20 event

As indicated, there were not enough competitors in Category B, so it was not filled. However, since a small number of women were spread between Categories B and C, they were grouped together as a separate category in the Time Trial and Hill Climb events.

The Friends are delighted that twenty-seven (27) riders participated in this first Wallace Omnium. Thank you to all those who rode and to all those who volunteered their time to make this event a success!

Time Trial Photos
Time Trial Results
Category A
Rider Name Time Place
Matt Seely 5:06:48 1st
Jerod Nelson 5:08:15 2nd
Corey Whalen 5:38:53 3rd
Category C
Rider Name Time Place
Joshua Martel 5:26:03 1st
Drew Schlieder 6:06:54 2nd
Rich Sherwood 6:11:49 3rd
Rider Name Time Place
Janet Grashal 6:30:06 1st
Wendy Stredwick 6:30:67 2nd
Category D
Rider Name Time Place
Nathan Birdsall 5:18:87 1st
Willy Bartlett 6:39:73 2nd
James Evans 6:43:67 3rd
Hill Climb Photos
Hill Climb Results
Category A
Rider Name Time Place
Josh Tack 20:21:46 1st
Matt Seeley 20:46:63 2nd
Jerod Nelson 22:20:38 3rd
Corey Whalen 24:59:25 4th
Category C
Rider Name Time Place
Joshua Martel 22:00:89 1st
David Moody 23:52:78 2nd
Scott Johnson 25:40:06 3rd
Drew Schlieder 26:34:95 4th
Rich Sherwood 26:38:32 5th
Kent Eggleston 30:14:40 6th
Mike Ward 31:37:59 7th
Rider Name Time Place
Jessica Sterner 24:31:11 1st
Janet Grashel 25:56:61 2nd
Wendy Stredwick 31:06:93 3rd
Tana Seeley 34:11:80 4th
Category D
Rider Name Time Place
Nathan Birdsall 22:10:02 1st
Deacon Bend 27:05:89 2nd
Willy Bartlett 28:35:93 3rd
Dean Cooper 29:18:82 4th
James Evans 30:02:08 5th
Zach Baldasare 30:12:78 6th
Criterium Photos
Criterium Results
Category A           raced for 60 minutes
Rider Name Place
Jerod Nelson 1st
Mike Gaertner 2nd
Matt Seeley 3rd
Jenni Geartner 4th
Mark Knokey 5th
Josh Tack 6th
Category C           raced for 35 minutes
Rider Name Place
Joshua Martell 1st
Jessica Sterner 2nd
Alan Petrre 3rd
Rich Sherwood 4th
Janet Grachel 5th
Joe Anchardo 6th
Wendy Stredwick 7th
Drew Schlieder 8th
Kent Eggleston 9th
Category D           raced for 25 minutes
Rider Name Place
Nathan Birdsall 1st
Dean Cooper 2nd
James Evans 3rd
Willy Bartlett 4th
Johnny Moore 5th
OMNIUM Results
Category A
Rider Name Place
Jerod Nelson 1st
Matt Seely 2nd
Corey Whalen 3rd
Josh Tack 4th
Mike Gaertner 5th
Jenni Geartner 6th
Mark Knokey 7th
Category C
Rider Name Place
Joshua Martel 1st
Rich Sherwood 2nd
Drew Schlieder 3rd
Kent Eggleston 4th
Alan Petrre 5th
David Moody 6th
Scott Johnson 7th
Joe Anchardo 8th
Mike Ward 9th
Rider Name Place
Janet Grashal 1st
Wendy Stredwick 2nd
Jessica Sterner 3rd
Category D
Rider Name Place
Nathan Birdsall 1st
Willy Bartlett 2nd
James Evans 3rd
Dean Cooper 4th
Deacon Bend 5th
Johnny Moore 6th
Zach Baldasare 7th
Tana Selley 8th
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